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A fully integrated solution for IIoT from a single source.

By integrating our Axial, valve positions can be monitored. This enables precise monitoring and control of the flow of gases and oils to prevent leaks or unintentional releases.

In case of deviations from the predefined parameters, automatic warnings can be generated and quick measures can be taken to minimize potential hazards.

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Asset Tracking

Our tracker enables accurate tracking and monitoring of equipment and assets in real time.

This facilitates the location of assets, such as drilling rigs or pipelines, and optimizes their use and maintenance.

This enables companies to increase efficiency, minimize downtime and make better use of resources.

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Our IIoT sensors can be used in plants
or for monitoring hazardous gases
gases in the environment.

When gas detection is elevated, automatic alarms can be triggered to initiate rapid response and safety measures. Effective monitoring can reduce potential leaks, safety risks and environmentally harmful emissions.

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