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Develop your customized IoT platform 

Low code data flows
& powerful rule engine

With our flexible IoT framework, we can provide a variety of applications for typical IoT & IIoT deployment scenarios.
However, every digitization project is characterized by specific requirements. Success is only guaranteed if these are taken into account and effectively implemented right from the start.


Benefits of our cloud platform

Unleash your creativity with advanced dashboarding and widget-based extensibility

Collect and store data in a scalable and non-disruptive manner. Visualize your data with built-in or custom widgets and flexible dashboards. Share dashboards with your customers.


IoT connectivity as a Service

Reliable IoT connectivity

B08590E7-C129-F91B-01CDA7FE6BCAEEC4 (1).jpg

Optimize the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) and add real value to your business by using the LoRaWAN®/mioty® multiprotocol network management system.

Swisscom Logo

The Swisscom Low Power Network (LPN) covers the majority of Switzerland with its LoRaWAN connectivity infrastructure. This nationwide LoRaWAN network was implemented by Swisscom, the Swiss national telecommunications company, to support the development of energy-efficient smart solutions in the country. It covers most non-alpine regions and reaches over 90% of the Swiss population.

Helium Logo

The Helium network, also known as "The People's Network," is now the largest LoRaWAN network and rewards anyone who provides Internet to IoT devices through a so-called Helium hotspot with HNT tokens.

Connectivity as a Service für 3G, LTE, LoRaWAN und NB-IoT

Finding and selecting the right connectivity for your IoT solution is not easy. With our Device Connectivity as a Service offering, you get your device with the right connectivity from a single source. Long and hard contract negotiations with countless connectivity providers are no longer necessary.

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